“Essentials are simply the best performance fashions and accessories available ~ for everyBODY”


Essentials are hand-picked, high end brands of active wear, meditation shawls, yoga mats, bags, shoes, and much more for everyBODY. Every item has to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry in order to qualify as an item offered by One Unity Source.


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Beyond what’s currently available, we encourage our vendors to create sizes and styles to fulfill every wish, every dream, for EveryBODY!

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As a business: To supply fashionable yet highly functional, top quality, attire and accessories for ALL.


As a yoga teacher: To properly empower individuals with the necessary knowledge to develop and enhance their yoga and meditation practice.

Donations are used for Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops to earn Continuing Education Credits.  Any amount is greatly appreciated! ~Drops make Oceans. The 2014- 2015 donations are allocated to Yoga Teacher Trainings: training 1 | training 2 training 3 at Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram in Buckingham, VA., and Continuing Education Workshops at Holy Cow Yoga Center in Charleston, S.C. 

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